Reviews for Deeper Than Flesh and Closer

The stories [Belong, ed. Russell B Farr] are challenging and fascinating, interesting and compelling, alien and familiar. My favourite was Carol Ryles’ ‘Deeper than Flesh and Closer’; I hope to see the story expanded into a series about the Glyr who live in such close communion with the Rhizome…( writingWA Recommends, The West Australian, 25/1/11.)

…a fine pure SF story about conflict between people living in a heavily bio-tech oriented village and others living in cities who fear the “nants” that support the bio-tech. (Rich Horton, Fantasy Magazine)

…is a story about coming back to where you came from. Sometimes the changes go more than skin deep and sometimes they don’t appear to be changes at all… This is an evocative and haunting story about the changes that take place to a place and people that we think we know through history and story, but haven’t experienced. (Ian Banks, Specusphere)