The Eternal Machine is Almost Here

It has certainly been a learning curve getting this book ready for publication. But I'm almost there. Meanwhile, if you are interested in reading Sample Chapters One to Six, you are welcome to take a look. I started this novel back in 2008 and it has since been through many redrafts. It has been professionally …

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Excerpt from my upcoming novel. Content: PGR (low level violence and supernatural themes). Ruk The Fear whispered, piercing the shifter’s consciousness like a thorn. His name is Lucien… Save him… There was no shutting it out. Even after a decades-long slumber. Even in the bedrock beneath the city. The whispering continued, driving the shifter up …

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Lucien Rotting cockles littered the alley from end to end. To make matters worse, Lucien already regretted abandoning Em in the street with Solly. Circumstances had dictated immediate action, but it would take more than bravery to fix this insufferable city. Even so, to walk away and not look back…What would that take? A special …

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