Surely, It’s Not the End of November Already??

Well, I’m not sure how the almost-end of 2019 arrived so quickly, but I suspect it had a lot to do with the way I immersed myself in my novel this year and finally got it to a standard I’m happy with.

Thanks to my editor, Pete Kempshall I knuckled down to some serious restructuring, fixed a few plot holes and inconsistencies, and ironed out more clunkiness than I’d known possible. Then off the manuscript went to some beta readers who gave me the best feedback. A couple were friends, and one was a guy I’ve yet to meet; and I was astounded by comments like, “I couldn’t put it down,” and “It gave me sleep deprivation for a couple of nights.” Here’s to hoping that agents and publishers feel the same.

It’s a long waiting game, this publishing business. In the meantime I’m starting a new novel, and polishing up a couple of short stories to send out before the year’s end. Perhaps I’ll make it my pre-new year’s resolution to blog more. It seems to be the thing to do when you’re trying to sell a novel. So here goes: back to regular blogging.

Oh, another of my new year’s resolutions for 2020 will be to give this website a facelift.