4 thoughts on “Stories Online

  1. Venetia Green

    I’ve just read ‘Inheritance’, Carol, and loved it! So beautifully concise, and does it ever open up a petri-dish full of DNA …
    Recommended reading for all parents.

    1. Hi Venetia, Thank you very much for that. Inheritance was one of my first stories, I wrote in my creative writing journal for Creative Writing Text and Practice during my BA. I can’t seem to write 500 word stories any more. They keep turning into novels 🙂

  2. Jeanne Melville

    Hi Carol, I just read ‘Boom Baby Boom’ and cracked up at the ending. What an amazing short story. Yesterday I saw the next step after FB etc, for people to communicate as avatars. Your story has some similarities, I think, but with more humour and depth. Thanks. Jeanne

    1. Hi Jeanne, Thanks for that. I wrote Boom Baby Boom years ago when we were renovating our old house and adding on extra rooms. The story just kind of happened organically 🙂

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